Carboot sale on 29th June, and the Worthing Lions Summer Festival, is on 27th and 28th July
Looking for pre loved mobility scooters. or new high end lighting.
We have been serving and helping for more than 70 years the community of Worthing with over £720,000 to good causes in the last 33 years.

Do you need help from Worthing Lions

Assistance provided by Worthing Lions is far reaching to a wide range of organisations and people of the Worthing area, look at our past assistances to get an idea of the range and type of assistance that we have provided.

Applications for assistance can come via Lion members, visitors to our Charity Shop, letters to Worthing Lions, and our application form. Applications may be for individuals, groups, or other charity projects. We do try to help people within the Worthing area. If outside of our local area the referral may go to the relevant Lions Club.

Worthing Lions looks at the requests for funding, and if necessary telephones or visits to obtain further information to help in the decision process. All requests are checked for validity, and if it fits with the charitable aims and rules of Worthing lions, the charity commision rules, other legal rules.

After gathering all information about the request all the members of Worthing Lions are asked to vote on the outcome of the request.

We advise all applicants on the outcome of the request process and our help can be in the form of a cheque, pledge, or in kind e.g. providing materials for projects or sourcing items required.

Worthing Lions funds the assistance from our shop income, donations or events held throughout a year.

If you are in need or you know of anyone who may need our assistance please get in touch with us by completing the application form - click here

If you are in need of clothes, food, furniture, electrical items, bric a brac etc try our shop or try these local organisations:

Salvation Army 01903 750594 website -

Guild Care 01903 205302 mail -

St Barnabas 01903 706300 website -

Worthing food bank 07918 759664 website -