Carboot sale on 29th June, and the Worthing Lions Summer Festival, is on 27th and 28th July
Looking for pre loved mobility scooters. or new high end lighting.
We have been serving and helping for more than 70 years the community of Worthing with over £720,000 to good causes in the last 33 years.

Worthing Lions Application for Assistance

Please fill the form and submit or print this form and send it to the address below.

Applications for financial assistance must be submitted in one of these ways. Please do not email us with the information.

  • -Please be advised that all requests are taken to all Worthing Lions members for approval, so a delay may occur.
  • -No money is ever released directly to an individual. Where possible, goods will be provided or companies or organisations paid directly
  • -Evidence will need to be provided to support each request, to avoid delay, please provide this at initial time of contact.
  • -Requests may be submitted by an individual, however a supporting letter from a family support worker/official etc must be included. (this allows us to abide by the Charity Commissions regulations)