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Worthing Lions Message in a Bottle

Known as MIAB. Message in a Bottle is a small piece of kit THAT SAVES LIVES.

What is the Message in a Bottle?Message in a Bottle - important medical facts to help the emergency services help you

MIAB it is a simple idea that enables ANYONE to have their personal and/or medical details kept in a small secured container that would be of immense benefit to the emergency services in the case of an emergency. The trick is to KEEP IT IN YOUR FRIDGE.

How much does it cost?

Now the good news! IT’S FREE!  

Where can I get a Bottle from?

Next time you visit your Doctor, Health Centre, or Pharmacy, just ask for a MIAB - it comes complete with blank labels, and instructions what to do. MIAB does not replace the Medic Alert/SOS Talisman. If you pop into our shop you can ask for a MIAB.

MIAB is supported by the Ambulance Service, the Police, Fire and Rescue, Doctors and NHS Primary trusts.  It is sponsored by your local Lions Club. Yes it is FREE and COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE

This is not only for people with medical conditions, but for anyone who lives alone or who has home responsibilities e.g. a pet, or is a carer / key holder for someone.

If you need or know of someone who needs a MIAB please contact us.

What information is needed?

The information you need to provide is quite straight forward, but you may like to ask a relative, neighbour or carer to help you complete the form.

The form also has a space for a passport size photograph, but this is only necessary when there is more than one person living at the premises (to aid identification).

Information required to complete the form is:

* Your full name and brief physical description
* Your doctors name and the surgery address & telephone number
* A brief description of any medical conditions you are suffering from - your doctor or carer will help if you are uncertain
* The names, addresses and telephone numbers of two persons who may be contacted in the event of an emergency - sudden illness or accident
* Details of any pets which may be on the premises and need to be cared for
* Are YOU a Carer?    If so, for whom and where do they live?

In addition, we strongly recommend that you also include your repeat prescription list.    This is produced every time a repeat prescription is ordered, and this information is of great value to the Ambulance Service.  (Paramedics are able to administer drugs, but need to know of any you are already taking to eliminate the risk of drug interaction).