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2022 December Xmas Shopping

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December 2022, Worthing Lions donate to a foodbank after shopping at Tesco.

Lion President Adrian and Lion Janine, chaperoned by a Friend of the Lions Marlene, had a great time shopping the shelves of Tesco this morning! With 4 trolleys piled high, a lot of attention was received!

Tesco workers went out their way to provide boxes and find additional stock, but also members of the public stopped to look. They were told these trolleys were for the food bank and got congratulated on a few occasions for their efforts!

The items provided will give local families a few treats this festive time, a bit different to their usual store cupboard staples of rice and Pasta! Along with the food donations, a £100 gift card has been presented to the food bank organisers so they can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables nearer the big day.

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