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Worthing Lions Slow Cookers

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Slow Cooker Donation

April 2021,

After reading about the ‘WeAreFoodPioneers’ slow cooker initiative, the Worthing Lions sprung into action!

They purchased 4 large and 5 small slow cookers which were donated to be distributed in our local community! Each slow cooker was given with a recipe book.

Lion Janine McGinn Said, ‘as a mother of 4 young children, our slow cooker is a huge part of our weekly family meals. It’s cheap to run, provides great wholesome meals and what’s more, once all ingredients are put in, it can be left meaning more time to spend with the children doing the fun stuff! This initiative was definitely one we wanted to support!’

Edward was very pleased with the generous donation and is now allocating to families. The Lions are still open to receive new welfare requests by using our application form.