Can We Help You?

The Worthing Lions Welfare Committee meets monthly to discuss and research the merits of applications to Worthing Lions Club for funding, and then bring their proposals to the business meeting for voting.

The Committee consists of the chairman, and 4-6 members who have a wide cross section of experience and expertise from their working and private lives, so bringing a balanced view to the matters discussed.

Applications for funding come via Lion members, visitors to our Charity Shop, letters to Worthing Lions, and referral forms.  They may be for individuals, groups, or other charity projects.  We do try to help people within the Worthing area. If outside of our local area the referral may go to the relevant Lions Club.

The Chairman looks at the initial requests for funding, and if necessary telephones or visits to obtain further information to help in the decision process.

We advise all successful applicants and our help can be in the form of a cheque, pledge, or in kind e.g. providing materials for projects or sourcing items required.

If you are in need or you know of anyone who may need our assistance please get in touch with us by downloading and completing the application form - click here

If you are in need of clothes, food, furniture, electrical items, bric a brac etc also try these local organisations:

Salvation Army 01903 750594 website -

Guild Care 01903 205302  website -

St Barnabas 01903 706300 website -

Jubilee Church 01903 821921 website -

Worthing food bank 01903 821921 or 07918 759664 website -

Do you know about the “Message in a Bottle” and our 'Message in a Wallet schemes? – if not (click here). It has nothing to do with the hit recorded by The Police by the way!